The Frugal Entrepreneur

“Where the Mind goes, the Man will follow”

About the CEO


*Chef at age 20
*Corporate training manager
*Bus driver
*Tanker driver
*Warehouse logistic coordinator between South America  and Oregon USA
*Environmental operations manager
*Environmental consultant, 
*Building supply inventory controller
*Article writer with *E-book on Fast pencil
*Website builder
*Social network marketing enthusiast
*Avid walker
*Snowshoe in the mountains *and Love reading.


Julia Child- Country cooking, French cooking arts

Stephen Covey- habits of highly effective people

Ken Blanchard-One minute millionaire, one minute manager series

Jack Canfield- The success principles

Mark Victor Hansen- Chicken soup of the soul

Robert G Allen- Multiple streams of income

Joyce Meyer- Power thoughts

Napoleon Hill- Think and grow rich

Mark Miller-The secret

Josh McDowel l- Prophecy, Fact or Fiction

Hugh Ross – The creator and the cosmos

John F. Walvoord- Prophecy in the new millennium

Thomas Edison – Biography

Tom Peters –Management principle

Brian Tracy- Power of positive management

Lou Tice-Investment in excellence

Our Lords Bible

Just to name a few…..

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