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“Where the Mind goes, the Man will follow”

Adventure to Freedom

Adventure To Freedom

If you desire Freedom which is the American way and are motivated to improving your lifestyle, you may want to look into the advantages and the opportunity of working for yourself in a home based business.

This may put you on the highway to changing your World forever!


Something To Think About

 Very few people ever get ahead in life by working for someone else. If you’re getting fed up with working 9-5 Monday thru Friday, putting in a 40 hour work week and getting nowhere, maybe it’s time to add some pizzazz in your life.  If you’re daily average income is less than $80.00 per day, an outside residual income could be the ticket you’re looking for.

Think on this; by the time you get yourself ready for work, drive to and from your job on the traffic filled highways, pay for gas, lunch, tools, clothes and all the other items you are required to purchase, so you can work for someone else.  What is left at the end of the day, month or year? One more thing, don’t forget about the taxes.

“One advantage about owning your own business

is the Tax savings you are allowed to use”.

Please ask your Tax person for all you are allowed to deduct,

each state may have subtle differences.


I Don’t Like To Sell


Some men & women just don’t like to sell, and then there are options. There are some home based businesses where you guide your guest to a company website and let the company do the promoting, and you receive the benefits, and some can be very lucrative.

When is it your turn to put the profits in your bank account? Grab the life God has placed you here for.  There are many companies that are willing to help you if you’re interested in maximizing the potential within you. By having a home based business you will become Free to make all the decisions for your family and your life.

What About Risk

Is it a little scary? It sure is, so is learning to drive, jumping on the cross town bus, starting a relationship or having children. Risk for some is fear, and for others a terrific adventure.  Is there a perfect time to change? When should you take the risk? When is it time to get ahead and make a difference?   

Now is the perfect time, the economy is in question. Now is when you take the risk, waiting prolongs the potential income earnings. You can make the deference today right now in your life. I do not want you to quit your job, but by putting a little energy into an earning based opportunity you will start to gain a debt free life!         

Curiosity Killed a Cat, It Also Made People Rich

Curiosity is also a risk; being wealthy is not always about the money. Being able to be creative and create a better lifestyle, add happiness and freedom to do what you want to do. This is a wealthy individual.

How you think determines who you are

I believe the mind is very powerful. I believe great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination. Success is achieved and maintained by those who keep trying. You may not be what you want to be, hope to be, or dream of becoming at this moment. The key to achieving your dreams is to teach yourself that quitting is never an option. Everyone should have Big Dreams, Hopes and Desires. They should also have the expectation that they will come true.  

The person with that little extra faith in God, others, and himself or herself will certainly have an advantage to tackle life’s challenges to make their dreams come true.

When you have a caring heart, helping hands, and a desire to bring value to everyone you meet, you will then see rewards that the average person may never attain.

We all should have a definite purpose in life and here is mine;

To: Walk in the spirit of the Lord day & night, to have the capacity for enduring faith, to fellowship with like minded people, have a labor of love, and the willingness to share one’s blessing.

To: Budget time & money every day for my success for business and personal well being, create a mastermind team to share and benefit from their wisdom & knowledge.

To: Have a burning desire for success, going the extra mile along with a creative vision, building multiple streams of income to earn and save money to live well and help others.

To: Keep my ego in check, use its energy for personal achievement with a success consciousness, while being enthusiastic, using accurate thinking, and the capacity to understand people.

To: Always have a positive mental attitude, sound physical health, stay harmonious in human relationships, freedom from all fears. I have hopes of achievement, have an open mind on all subjects, and am self-disciplined in personal and business efforts.

“In this country you have the freedom to live and breathe the air. It does not matter where you were born in the world, God gave us all one mind, and with our mind we have been given the ability to choose. The choices we make through life sometimes cause us to fail, to be happy, to show the artistic and create side in all of us. I challenge each and every person to learn by your choices, grow and prosper, raise a family think well of your neighbor and by all means take advantage of all the opportunities for your success & wealth that is all around you”. 

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